Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Night off

A while back I sat with Nathan and complained about how moms never have any time "off." Together we came up with a plan that has helped my sanity, my photography business, and my ministry to high school girls tremendously. Each week we try to give me Tuesday nights off (some weeks things come up and its not possible). I typically try to make sure dinner is made so Nathan doesn't have to worry about it and then at 6 pm I leave the house and do whatever I need to for as long as I want to. (The funny thing about Naples is everything shuts down by 10 pm so Im never later than that.) But for 4 hours I work on editing pictures, catching up on emails, running errands, reading a book, meeting with one of my 11th graders, drinking coffee or whatever else I want. It makes a huge difference in my mood- At least I can feel a change.

But the main thing that makes these evenings possible is Nathan. That is why I said WE came up with a plan and WE try to give me Tuesdays off. Nathan made a commitment to helping make this little breather possible and it shows me that he cares about how tired I am and when he can, he wants to help. He doesn't schedule things he can avoid on Tuesdays to ensure I have my break. Its completely a team effort. I am sooooo grateful that my husband is willing to make that effort for me, and for us. Im sure he can see a difference when I haven't had a night off in awhile and when I have- maybe that is what keeps him helping! HA!

Regardless, I love my nights off. They give me a chance to think, to dream, to write, to breathe and to rest.

What do you do when you need a breather? How often do you take breaks from the everyday routine?


MOM said...

VERY happy you went to the beach last night - great photo! It refreshes me to go to the beach so hopefully it felt good to you, too.

Amanda said...

I love husbands! I've been going to our little coupon club on Monday nights. You should join us sometime!

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