Monday, April 27, 2009


My clue for Sunday's events was: "We are going to feel like kids again." We sure did.

In the morning we snagged breakfast at Dunkin Donuts before we started shopping around South Beach. I thought I had until 1pm but in a rush Nathan made me leave the dressing room and get to the car ASAP. He said we were going to meet someone I knew for lunch. I was excited to see who was on the other end. We pulled into the parking lot at the Miami Children's Museum and he made me cover my eyes as the mystery guest arrived. Then in an instant he told me I could open them and I heard my baby boy say, "Mommy!!!" I turned around and there was my family. They drove up to spend the day with us at the museum! I was thrilled. We snagged lunch at the Subway on site and then hit the museum. So much fun, for all of us. Here are some pictures:

After the museum we said goodbye to the kids, my mom and stepdad and headed to the Adventura Mall. We did some more shopping, or in my case, finished my shopping until our legs were tired. We snagged some food court dinner then headed back to the hotel for some hot tub action. Then we settled in for the night while watching Dave Ramsey on the tele. It was an awesome time with my family. Thanks Nathan, Mom and Bob! Truly a day I will always remember.

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