Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A friend is...

As a child I thought a friend was someone that I played with everyday, that lived in my neighborhood and wouldn't call me names at school.

As a teenager I thought a friend was someone that did the same activities I did, liked the same music I did and wouldn't steal my boyfriend.

As a college student I thought a friend was someone who helped me study at all hours of the night, tell me he was wrong every time I fought with a guy, and took a lot of pictures with me to decorate my apartment with.

As an adult I thought a friend was the person standing closest to me in my wedding, someone who threw me surprise parties, and would come over unannounced just because.

As a mom I thought a friend was someone willing to babysit for free, cook my family dinner if I was sick, or hire a housecleaner when the laundry was overwhelming me.

I am learning that a friend could be all of those things but its much, much deeper than that. A friend is someone who loves YOU. Not who you are as a friend to them, as a neighbor, as a classmate or roommate, as a bride's maid, as a wife, or as a mom. A person who loves you... AS YOU ARE. They don't have to be like you at all but if the love is there, the friend is there. They never have to question your heart because they know yours as well as they know their own. They tell you like it is and not how you want to hear it. They challenge you to be true to yourself. They challenge you to do the right thing- no matter what it costs. They challenge you to take responsibility for yourself and let the rest of the junk, work itself out.

I am learning that I only have a few friends. I know many but not many know me.


sherry said...

who well does any one now any one. to know ones self? that is the question best answered. Good post. s.

sherry said...

how well sorry dislectia s.

Anonymous said...

well said - mere

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