Friday, May 01, 2009

My birthday week- Thursday

Today is the last day of the cruise. We are in Key West, FL- just hours from home. I got to pick the adventure of the day so I opted for the catamaran ride and snorkle excursion. We took it slow in the morning, slept in late, laid out by the pool, called my mom and then met up with the crew at 12:30pm. We hopped on and sat next to our friend Bill from the day before. His wife chose to stay back on the boat so it was neat to spend time getting to know him. The waves were high this afternoon, 5-6 feet so the ride out and back in was wet and jumpy. I am thankful Nathan and I don't have motion sickness so we can enjoy rides like these. When we got to the place where they were going to drop us the swells were still 2-3 feet-which causes some adjustments in your swimming style. Nathan and I geared up and literally just stepped off the boat into the sea. The first fish I saw was a couple of feet in length but the rest of the time I saw a bunch of the same fish about 1 ft long everywhere I swam. One time I lifted up my head to find a woman struggling to breathe so I waved down the crew and when they got to her I went right back to swimming. The reef looked pretty dead and most of the people either got bored or tired and returned to the boat, including Nathan. My goal was to swim until they made me stop so I did. I swam out further and found a whole new treasure. A reef that had the most beautiful fish playing on and around it. Some were reflective blue while others were black and white striped and one HUGE one that was pearlescent green. It was amazing. I saw those fish that bury themselves in the sand and then swim sideways to a new spot and bury themselves again-its funny to observe. Then the horn blasted from the boat and I made the swim back in. The waves threw me around a bit trying to get up the steps but I made it out. I met Nathan at the top of the boat where we laid our towels down for some tanning on the way back to shore.
When we got back to Key West we did some walking around (the famous Duval St area), got some coffee and took some pictures. I kept thinking what a great location this place would be for some photo shoots so I made Nathan model for me a few shots.
As we stood in line for security to get back on the boat we watched a few drunk girls make idiots of themselves by falling over, giggling loudly and looking like they were in a middle of a dance club but only the rest of us knew they weren't- they were in a security line. I felt sorry for them. We did our usual shower and dinner but broke the routine to see the last sunset of the trip. It was a beautiful end to a great few days. We sang a duet at the karaoke room before heading back to pack. On TV we caught the Nights of Rodanthe movie: it was a typically emotional Nicholas Sparks story. Another wonderful day.

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