Thursday, April 30, 2009

My birthday week- Wednesday

We woke up anchored near the Royal Caribbean owned island called CoCoCay. We had to take a boat over but as soon as we arrived we checked in at the parasailing counter- this was my surprise of the day! I have been sky diving but never parasailing- something my mom has always wanted to do. It was incredible. So peaceful and the view was amazing. The water in the Bahamas is so beautiful! Its not royal blue but more aqua in color and you can see all the way to the bottom, no matter how far it may be. We sailed into the sky and I was amazed by the beauty around us.
When our boat returned to shore we snagged some beach chairs and yes, soaked up more rays. Around 2pm we grabbed some lunch from the buffet (they brought it off the boat and onto the island, since they own it and have a set up for it there- so cool). We met an older couple at the tables who we swapped kid stories with (their grandchildren and our children of course.) The man's name was Bill but we never got the woman's name. She shared with us the secret of a long lasting marriage and it was one of those times I felt present in the moment. We said goodbye and headed out for a walk that turned into an hour long nature hike. We found the furthest/highest point had a bench and we sat there and prayed for our family and God's call on our lives while in awe of the view and grandness of God. We headed back just in time to catch the last ferry over to the boat and did the nighttime ritual of showers and dinner with our new friends and then landing in our favorite plop spot in the karaoke lounge, watching the same people sing just as badly as they did the night before. Nathan got a standing ovation tonight though. My stud! We caught a movie on the TV back in the room (Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist). It was cute and quirky. Made me worry about the lifestyle of a NY high school student though. Another fabulous 24 hours.

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