Thursday, June 25, 2009


Some friends of mine needed a photographer for their impromptu wedding before the groom was deployed...for some reason they called me. I don't do weddings but it was low-key, on the beach and she is a girl from the youth group so I said YES!

Then I started shaking. I am afraid of weddings. I always say no to weddings. What about weddings make me nervous? The looming fact that if I don't get it right the first time, then I am screwed. I typically run in the other direction but the family seemed forgiving enough. So I said my prayers and tried to rest easy. Then the day of the wedding came and it was rainy. Quick change, now in the chapel at our church. Ok another thing I am afraid of is working with flashes. I don't understand them and I am not good with them so this was a double whammy for me: Inside and wedding- YIKES!! I tried to play it cool the entire time I was there but I was sweating bullets. Especially when the batteries in my flash decided to die on me. I did my best and some of the shots turned out well so I hope they are pleased with the uneducated, unconfident, and unrehearsed results. Here are a few of my favorites.

Congrats Taylor and Kylie Hayes!

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Amanda said...

Holy cow! I didn't even recognize them and did not know they were getting married or anything! WOW! I am so out of the loop. They looked great and so do the pictures. You are so silly and you're the best photographer I know.

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