Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gigi and Bobo

Many of you were prayerfully a part of my life when my mom and stepdad moved here then had to move to Phoenix, AZ less than a year later due to the lack of jobs here in Naples, FL. It was really hard to see them go. Well the difficulty didn't end there. Less than a year after moving to Phoenix they both lost their jobs on the same day. I was so angry with my stepdad's employers who promised him up and down that his job was secure enough to move back across country for it and then they let him go anyway. This hardship brought my parents to a decision point and what it really boiled down to was this: they couldn't make decisions on where to live based on jobs anymore. So they turned to what they could depend on, family. Now my 2 sisters, 1 brother and I all live at different ends of the US (FL, CA, UT and NH) so they did some traveling to figure out which location would best fit their needs and abilities at this point in their life and settled on....drum roll please...Naples, FL. That's right, they moved back! I thought I had lost my chance to live near family but what a gift to be given for the second time. They returned to Naples a few weeks ago and have found a great condo just 5 or so minutes from our house! They are still looking for jobs but thankfully aren't dependent on them to be able to stay here. Please continue to pray that they will find something either full or part time, just to keep busy and meet new people if not for the financial assistance as well. I feel tremendously grateful to have them so close and I look forward to doing life with them, again.

PS this blog post was written in response to being asked what was going on with my parents and the confusion of my Twitters talking about them being here and not knowing why they were in town. Hope this clears things up!

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