Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bowling Night

We had a family night last week where we took Jaxon (and technically Jovie) bowling for the first time. Jax loved it! In fact he loved it so much he asks to go everyday but we have to explain to him, everyday, that bowling costs $ and we can't afford to spend $ on bowling, everyday.
They have this new (to me) feature where you can select the bowler that needs bumpers so that every time he would bowl, the gates would come up. But on our turns they would stay down. It was really spiffy! We ordered a pizza to share and drank root beer (not the kids but Nathan and I) in between games. Jovie wasn't too fond of the sound that happens when the ball would knock over pins, which happens a lot in a bowling ally, so Nathan and I had to switch back and forth between holding her almost the entire time. It would have been annoying if she wasn't so snugglie-so instead it was cute.
But needless to say it was tons of fun! I love times like these with our little clan.


Amanda said...

That's such a cute memory and I'm so glad you got such a great picture to remember it. I am loving the bumpers idea...when I was little it cost a lot extra to do bumper bowling and you had to have it for everyone. Maybe we'll take Maryn bowling soon then! Haha...she doesn't like bowling sounds either, I'm sure.

The Herrenbrucks said...

Sounds like a blast! Yes, AWESOME pic! Love it. Yeah, had no idea about the bumper thing - sweet.

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