Friday, July 10, 2009

Our Home Study

Well today we met our social worker Donna Bradley from Adoption Home Services for the first time. We have chatted over the phone on many occasions but today we put faces to voices. There were no handshakes, we went straight for hugs. We all know what a bond bringing a child into our home will be and anyone who takes part in that journey (including all of you) become part of the family. It takes a village to raise a child and all of you are a part of that village for us! We let her stretch her legs from the car ride between Tampa and Naples and refresh on a glass of green tea and small talk before we launched into the interview. Basically it was a lot like the application questions. One by one she asked us to describe our background, our families, our childhood, our hobbies, how we met and married, how we handle conflict in our marriage, and what our parenting styles are. Interspersed in all of that was the nostalgic walks down memory lane through our wedding day in Hawaii in 2003 and our trip to Africa in 2006 accompanied by the corresponding photo albums. Of course Nathan broke out the Noodle Arm man Youtube video as an example of how we both love to play with our kids and how our home is more like a playground most days. Never a dull moment in the Gaddis house that is for sure. Over all it was VERY comfortable and we felt at ease during our time with Donna. The kids woke up before we ended so she got to see and talk to them a little bit too. It was neat to watch her apply what we had shared about our children, to her interactions with them. She shared with us that she is a Christian so our talk of God as the center of our life was comforting and a "plus" if you will. Overall our time with her was sweet and we don't get the feeling that there were any red flags that would make us think our study wouldn't pass. So now we wait...

Our feeling about the whole thing is this: If this is God's plan, which we believe it is, there is nothing we can do/or not do to cause it to fail. Therefore we are just going to be ourselves and trust God with the outcome. If we don't pass, then we will see it as God's way of saying WAIT or NOT THIS WAY. But ultimately the results are not on our shoulders, they are in more Capable Hands.

We appreciate your prayers and encouragement. Once this study gets approved we apply for grants while we continue down the paper trail and writing checks we know God will provide the funding for. There are 271 people in our Facebook group...If everyone gave $10 we would have enough for our Dossier! Imagine the possibilities if we all work together to bring this child home!

I look forward to those miraculous moments. We look forward to sharing these exciting moments with you!

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