Thursday, July 09, 2009

Sin portrayed

I was moved last night, at first in awe but then it quickly turned to disgust and hatred. As I watched dancers Kayla and Kapono portray the power of addictions on So You Think You Can Dance, I was struck to my core. As Nathan and I kept rewinding it and watching it over and over again we began to see the similarities of this drama and what sin does to us. That is when my feelings turned to disgust...not for the dancers, but for the power addictions and sin itself have over us. We go back to it again and again, it tears us to shreds and we cry, and scream only to beg for more. This is a powerful picture. Watch it for yourself with the image of sin (portrayed by the guy) and us (portrayed by the girl) in your mind.

1 comment:

Christina said...

Bethany! That struck me as well! Sin has such a strong presence in our lives and this video portrays that perfectly.

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