Thursday, July 16, 2009

Their having been

"Beneath the face I am a family plot. All the people I have ever been are buried there- the bouncing boy, his mother's pride; the pimply boy and secret sensualist; the reluctant infantryman; the beholder at dawn through hospital plate glass of his first-born child. All these selves I was and am no longer...I cannot even remember what it felt like to live inside their skin. Yet they live inside of my skin to this day, they are buried in me somewhere, ghosts that certain songs, tastes, smells, sights, or tricks of weather can raise, and although I am not the same as they, I am not different either because their having been then is responsible for my being now."

- Fredrick Buechner

The Alphabet of Grace

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MOM said...

I remember reading this some time ago and pondering it. We are the sum of all we have been, have experienced, have learned ... very intriguing.

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